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♥SKIN: *Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Chloe’ Catwa Applier – 05. Tone*Birth* ‘Kawaii’ Catwa Appliers – FATPACK @Lootbox *AddMe
‘Kawaii’ Catwa Appliers @ Lootbox Tp to Birth stall here –  Ooodles of colour and adorable here. Kawaii themed makeups – tinted noses and hearts, two styles of heart themed eyeshadow/ facepaint, and lots of bright lipsticks to match. Lootbox is three tones of skin appliers, all with browless, and four colour eyebrows. Maitreya appliers and shape included.
♥APPLIERS BODY: *Birth* 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 05. Tone v1.1 Gach@ Lootbox Tp to Birth stall here
♥SHAPE: *Birth* ‘Chloe’ Eyebrows [Catwa_Catlyn_bento] Eyebrows
@ Lootbox Tp to Birth stall here

♥HEAD  CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
♥HAIR: Exile – Tara – All or Nothing with style hud @cosmopolitan

EYES: The Face ~ Catwa – Deep ~ Eyes palette CATWA & GENUS heads Available NOW at @Dubai Event

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