LOOK 1449

LOOK 1449

♥SKIN: ::Modish::  ::Modish:: Adele (T03) [Catwa]Face Applier HUD
♥APPLIERS BODY:  ::Modish:: OMEGA MeshBodies(2016)Skin Applier
♥HEAD: CATWA Lona head  
♥HAIR : DOUX – Fashionista hairstyle [Fades]
♥OUTFIT:  Meva Banshee Outfit Both@remnant March 2018 
 Meva Banshee Pants Female Maitreya
 Meva Banshee Pants with Shoues Female Maitreya
 Meva Banshee Top with Straps Female Maitreya
 Meva Banshee Upper Armwraps left Female
 Meva Banshee Upper Armwraps right Female ♥EARRING : BOUTIQUE 187  #187# Circles Earrings – @Whimsical   ♥PIC TAKE: BACKGROUND CITYBACKDORP:  RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Cats Like Batman (don’t wear)

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